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ASHLAND - Some people in the city have been complaining about the recycling bin being filled with garbage.

“They’re lazy, that's the only reason they’re not reading and they don’t care they just want to get rid of their junk,” Mayor Gene Rhorer.

The mayor says this has been an issue for more than a year.

“It has occurred for the past three years and most recently it's gotten worse and the city has to take time to clean it,” he said.

One resident of Moberly, Debbra Conner said she is tired of the problem happening.

“I really think we need to monitor it more closely. I think our community needs to take more pride in watching what we do with our space. If it’s full don’t use it,” she said.

She said she has seen things in and beside the bin other than plastic, paper, cardboard.

“I've seen strollers, mattresses, and things that can't be recycled," Conner said.

Resident Mac Johnson said if the people placing the waste in the recycling bin don’t stop, the city might take matters into their own hands.

“If they fill it up with garbage and junk that doesn’t belong there this whole thing might disappear and might not be available,” he said.

The mayor said cleaning up the waste is costing the city money.

“Its unsightly it makes the city and lot look bad, cost prohibitive, and not only do we have to pay for the truck and the man hour but also to dump it in the right area.

If we are going to pay to clean up the mess we might as well pay to correct the issue,” he said.

He said adding more recycling bins around town would be breaking the city’s contract it already has with the bin they have now. Also, he stated that it would cost taxpayers more money to add curbside recycle bins around town because the city’s budget is already small.

One solution the mayor said he was thinking about was adding cameras to hold people accountable.

“Unfortunately, we may have to install a camera system and those who do dump they can receive a citation through the mail,” Rhorer said.

There will be a meeting next Tuesday at city hall to further discuss how the city will take action.