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JEFFERSON CITY – New World Recycling is ending its cardboard recycling contract with Jefferson City after complaints of illegal cardboard dumping.

There are currently nine cardboard recycling containers at six locations in Jefferson City. The public will have to use other facilities to recycle until the city decides whether or not to continue using the containers.

New World owner Corey Toebben said people would use the containers for the wrong purpose.

“Commercial businesses would put their stuff in the residential bins and it would overflow, and the cardboard and newspaper takes a long time to empty for us,” he said.

Toebben said New World is ending the contract because of disagreements about fixing the overflow cause.

Jefferson City residents and businesses have used the containers since the 1990s, according to the city.

The Public Works and Planning Committee met last Thursday to decide whether keeping the containers will benefit city residents. Currently there are no maintenance funds for the rusty containers.

The city discussed a solution which would have the company Republic Services pick up the containers instead. The estimated cost would be $34,000.

Mandy Shanks, business operations development manager at Federal International Recycling in Jefferson City, said sometimes businesses are not aware of their recycling options.

Federal International Recycling works with the city and Republic Services to collect residential trash and recycled items. She said the reason businesses dump cardboard in these containers is because it’s convenient, but it also causes trash buildup.

She said, “We have probably 20 Republic trucks that pull in here every single day and are dumping from Jefferson City cardboard dumpsters, all of Jefferson City residential single streams, and several surrounding communities as well.”

According to Federal International Recycling, 60 to 80 percent of waste is recoverable through recycling and reuse.

Shanks said, “It [recycling] gives a good effect on the entire community. You’re doing a good thing for everyone. You’re providing clean water saving trees, you’re saving oil, and you’re saving energy and electricity.”

The city plans on moving the containers June 15.