Recycling Postponed Until Next Week

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COLUMBIA - Recycling crews doubled up with trash collectors to help catch up on trash pickup routes for 12,000 homes Thursday. As a result, recycling pickup will be postponed until next week so workers can reach the last 8,000 homes on Friday.

Residential and commercial trash collections were stopped Tuesday and Wednesday because of the snow storm. Now that the roads are clearer, trash trucks are able to get around and complete routes from earlier in the week.

Public Works Department Solid Waste Utility Manager Cynthia Mitchell said trash and recycling collectors helped drive snow plows and clear roads over the past few days.

"Several of them actually helped with the snow detail, but they weren't out on the street physically," Mitchell said. "They were in trucks or doing hauling tasks for snow."

Mitchell reminds people to be patient and leave their trash out in a visible location above snow drifts for crews to see and collect.

Public Works said residents can hold onto recycling for this week or visit a drop off location in town.