Recycling Volunteers Step Up to Educate Tailgaters

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COLUMBIA - With football fans spread throughout Faurot Field, recycling volunteers stepped up for the first SEC game of the season.

One volunteer said while raising awareness she got many different responses.

"Well there were some people that were very grateful for us coming by and then there were a couple of people who totally blew us off," said Sherri Mankofsky.

Some people said they did not see enough bins so they did not take the time to recycle.

"Well, so far we have been throwing bottles away in the trash because it's more convenient. But if I saw a bin I would recycle it," said David Cayce.

Tiger Tailgating Recycling project leader Laura Evone said it is a lot harder to reach all tailgaters but they are trying their best.

"This year we have gotten a lot of new volunteers and so I sent people to reach out in lots we have never been to before, like Maryland," she said. "Last year we really only needed to stay around the stadium."

After witnessing the first SEC game, volunteers said they know they will have to push sustainability a lot more this year.

"Yea, there are a lot more hard-core tailgaters in the SEC and because people tailgate where ever they can find space so that means we need to reach out where ever we find people," said Mankofsky.

Tiger tailgate recycling is a collaboration between Landscape Services, Sustain Mizzou, Mizzou Athletics, the City of Columbia, and N.H. Schepper's Distributing.

Its main goal is to  provide conveinant recycling for tailgaters while educating the public on sustainability issues in the community.

For more information on volunteer opportunities you can visit Sustain Mizzou's website.