Red Cross giving day

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JEFFERSON CITY - According to the American Red Cross, somebody somewhere is in need of its services every eight minutes. 

In the first quarter of 2017, the Red Cross responded to three times the number disasters than it did in the same time the previous year.

To ensure the Red Cross can continue providing services to disaster victims, the organization designated April 26 its official ‘Giving Day.’

Because funding for the organization is solely donation based, the Executive Director for Red Cross of Central and Northeast Missouri said this is an important day for the continuation of the mission

“I refer to us as the second responders. The first are the fire fighters and police, and then typically the second group a family sees in hard times is the Red Cross,” said David Griffith.

For 2017, a national donor promised to double the donations the organization received on 'Giving Day.'

Griffith was happy to say the Red Cross always ensures donations stay local. 

“All of the donations go right back to the zip code they came from. The Red Cross honors the donors intent by keeping it all local and in your community,” Griffith said.