Red Cross Provides Shelter After Fire

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COLUMBIA- After the Ash Street Place Apartments fire many residents were left without a place to sleep Tuesday night.

The Red Cross Heart of Missouri Chapter arrived at the scene of the fire shortly after the fire crews. They waited along with the residents for investigators to determine the damage to know what type of help they would need to provide.

"There's people standing all around that are just waiting to find out what they lost. 'Can I get back in my apartment?' 'What have I lost?' 'What do I do next?,'" Red Cross Disaster Specialist Phillip Iman said.

The Red Cross set up a shelter at The Broadway Christian Church, 2601 W. Broadway, Tuesday night as a temporary home for residents to get some rest.

"We intend to make sure that we talk with each family and they have a place to stay tonight and if they've lost food, if they've lost clothing then we can assist in the effort," Iman said.