Red Light Cameras

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COLUMBIA - New research from the University of Missouri shows traffic light cameras are an effective way to encourage safe driving.

Critics of the cameras say cities typically install them to generate revenue, but Civil Engineering Assistant Professor Carlos Sun says his research shows the benefits of the camera technology outweigh the negatives.

In a release from the University tuesday, Sun said, "The irony of red light camera enforcement is that if people obey the law, the revenue wouldn't be generated."

Sun said the technology does have room for improvement, however. His study shows a lack of coordination in traffic enforcement laws and suggests cohesive cooperation between the multiple branches of government involved in the operations of an intersection.

There are four intersections in Columbia that use traffic light cameras. Three are along Stadium Blvd. at Worley St., Providence Rd., and Forum Blvd. Another is at the intersection of Broadway and Providence Rd.