Redbox names Columbia fourth "most romantic" city in the U.S.

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COLUMBIA - In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, Redbox announced Tuesday its list of the most-romantic U.S. cities, based on rentals of romantic movies.

Columbia was declared the fourth most romantic city in the U.S.

Some residents were shocked to find Columbia had cracked the top ten, claiming the city is hardly romantic. 

"Oh, c'mon! It's sweet here, but romantic, nah." said Columbia resident Florian Seydel.

Residents Biljana Konatar, Victoria Patrick and Nicole Schafer shared similar reactions, each giving some form of the phrase "no way."

Others said college students probably contributed.

"I guess there are a lot of college students here so there may be a lot of romance here amongst the students, but I don't really look at it like a romantic city," Tateanna McCaskill said. 

Redbox also released the results of a Valentine’s Day survey of more than 5,000 customers that found "dinner and a movie" is the top choice for date night, and a laugh-out-loud comedy is the best genre for date night. The survey also showed that "The Notebook" continues to reign as the "best date night movie."


Here is Redbox's Top 10 "Most Romantic Cities" for 2016:

1. Columbus, Miss., and Lake Charles, La. (tie)

2. Lincoln, Neb.

3. Alexandria, Minn.

4. Columbia, Mo.

5. Sioux Falls, S.D.

6. Chico, Calif.

7. Mankato, Minn., and Biloxi, Miss. (tie)

8. Fargo, N.D.

9. Medford, Ore.

10. Knoxville, Tenn.