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COLUMBIA - Regional Economic Development Incorporated of Columbia's newly renovated downtown location plans to assist in creating more jobs for the city. 

The remodeled space now features an enhanced workspace as well as business development support programs. 

These programs are aimed at helping entrepreneurs and start-up companies succeed and create more jobs for Columbia and Boone County. 

"Helping new companies grow, get funding, and hit on a market that has customers outside the city, state, or country. They're bringing in wealth and resources to the area and they capitalize on that through hiring people for their teams," Collin Bunch, REDI counselor, said. 

Waleed Amer gave up his life in Chicago to pursue his online start-up company, Legacy Marketing Communications. 

"I came to Columbia Missouri in October of 2014 and started my company in November of 2014. Without the REDI center I don't think I could have really succeeded as a business," Amer said. 

Amer said he plans to continue to work with REDI as an entrepreneur to give back to a company that's given so much to him. 

"Going from not being known to being somebody who's a leading expert in the industry and being recognized that way, none of it would have been possible without the services of REDI and the things they offer," Amer said.