Refreeze May Cause Problems For Motorists

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COLUMBIA - Thursday's sunny conditions may have been a relief to many mid-Missourians who have dealt with snowy conditions for the past two days, but it may cause problems for motorists overnight.

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Snow on the streets began to melt Thursday under the sun which is making refreeze a problem for Columbia streets once the temperatures drop again.

Crews from Columbia Public Works have been working since the snowfall hit earlier this week to make the roads safe for drivers.

Many roads that were clear during the day could see conditions deteriorate because of ice reforming on the roads. 

All of the main roads in Columbia have been plowed, but crews are still working on residential areas. 

Columbia resident Kelli Schkade said she saw a few problems starting to happen as day turned to night.

"I was driving with my friend and I was slipping all over the road, Schkade said. "I think it is getting worse with it being so cold, and the sun was out today too."

Motorists are urged to drive with caution, and be on the lookout for spots in the road that may be unsafe.