\"Religious freedom\" amendment faces second delay in a week

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JEFFERSON CITY- A vote on a controversial "religious freedom" amendment was delayed again, Monday night, after the Missouri House Emerging Issues Committee did not meet as expected.

The office of the committe's chairman, Rep. Elijah Haahr, R-Springfield, confirmed the committee did not meet due to an extended legislative session.

This amendment, SJR 39, would allow Missouri businesses the right to refuse wedding services to same-sex couples based on personal religious beliefs.

The amendment was originally scheduled to be voted on last Wednesday.

Rep. Haahr gave the committee until Monday to look over testimony and legal opinions on the proposed amendment.

The office of Rep. Haahr confirmed it expects a vote on the amendment Wednesday, April 27.

If the committee voted to pass the amendment, it would head to the House floor.

If the House voted to pass it, it would be on a state wide ballot later this year.