Renewable energy might save Missourians from cancer

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NEW BLOOMFIELD – New Life Evangelical Center hosted a fair that spreads awareness about renewable energy and its connection to cancer research. The point of the fair was to educate the community about the importance renewable energy, especially for Missourians. 

The fair featured the work of 15 men who used to be homeless and are now dedicated to the cause. Carl Benham said he loves the work that they do.

“We work with solar cookers, building new ones, and trying stuff out to see what does work and what doesn’t,” Benham said. “We deal with the dome homes, solar energy, gardening, raising tilapia and spring cows…all of that is part of Missouri Renewable Energy.”

According to the Day Memorial Cancer Research Foundation, Missouri is ranked in the top 20 in critical care cancer states. Thomas Day took part in the fair.

“So we can cut down on mono carcinogens that are being generated with all the stuff we’re burning,” he said.

Day is a cancer survivor and he said Missouri's ranking is shocking but something can be done about it.

“The whole idea research wise is to come up with a clean way to generate electricity without generating so much pollution,” Day said. “We’ve got to come up with a way to knock down these cancer numbers.”

He said he's been working to find the answer through renewable energy research and he won't stop. 

“We don’t have cancer under control. Not by a long shot,” he said.  

Benham said working with renewable energy led them to get closer to God.


“New Life Evangelic Center is the base, it’s the church,” Benham said. “And then Missouri Renewable Energy is part of that.”

Benham said they are looking to host another fair on Labor Day.