Renovated Jesse Auditorium Available This Fall

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COLUMBIA - A renewed Jesse Auditorium will be available in fall. Workers from local contractor Crawford Construction Inc. are renovating Jesse Auditorium this summer. They are painting the floor and columns, replacing springs of the seats and putting the new fabric on the seats. The new LED lights will be soon installed on the sides of the walkway so that people can exit safely.

Karlan Seville, the Manager of Communications at Campus Facilities, said the last major renovation was about 15 years ago, and the seats haven't been reupholstered since 1980.

Seville said the decision of renewing Jesse Auditorium was made several years ago. "We've been saving money for several years, to put money into it. And this summer we are able to free up time," she said.

The whole renovation project will cost about $1 million, which is funded by the maintenance grant and the revenue from the operation of the Jesse Auditorium.

During the renovation process, the Jesse Auditorium is still open. So no events or activities have been affected. "We planned ahead of time. They were still able to use Jesse Auditorium when they needed to this summer," Seville said.

The last part of the project-- the installment of lights, will be finished in early September. Except that, all other work will be done by the start of the fall semester.

Once done, the Jesse Auditorium will welcome people with its new look.

Nathan Anderson, the assistant director of University Concert Series, said it will benefit the concert series which is held in the auditorium.

"It will attract new customers. I think it will also be a great benefit to our existing customers as well," Anderson said.