Rep. Hartzler visits MU journalism students, discusses student protests

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COLUMBIA - Congresswoman Vicky Hartzler, R-Columbia, stopped by to talk with students at the Missouri School of Journalism Wednesday afternoon. 

After meeting with Dean David Kurpius, Hartzler mentioned the technological improvements in journalism.

"I've been very pleased to see here that the adaptations that are taking place to keep journalism relevant in the changing world we live in with new technology, and print media kind of changing its focus," Hartzler said. "I was glad to learn about the programs here. Communication is always going to be important in our world. It's just the method and how it's delivered, and clearly you all are on the cutting edge and will graduate and be able to continue and lead and show others how to do that." 

She also discussed her platform and recent happenings at the University of Missouri.  

In particular, Hartzler mentioned what it was like being in office during the campus protests.

"It was very, very unfortunate, and it does have national implications," Hartzler said. "When I was in Washington D.C., I'd have colleagues from all over the country say,'You represent Mizzou?' They were aware of what was happening here, and so I think it did damage our reputation."

However, her opponent, Dr. Gordan Christensen, offered a different perspective on the climate at the university. Christensen has served as a faculty member in internal medicine for more than 25 years. 

"From my perspective, as a member of the faculty, I thought that it went quite well, as well as you could expect for something like that," Christensen said.