Reporters get first look at Ashland YMCA

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ASHLAND - The Southern Boone Area YMCA hosted an open house for reporters Monday to get a first look at the new facilities.

Ashland residents can get a sneak peak of the new facility at open houses Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, but will not be able to fully use the new equipment until the center opens April 13.

The YMCA will be the first community-based recreation facility for Ashland.

"I think with the projected programs the YMCA is going to have, it will be nothing but positive. It's a great thing to get the community together for sports events, and get them involved in different activities," Mayor Gene Rhorer said.

The YMCA has about 125 memberships signed up so far and has a goal set for 300 memberships. YMCA Chief Operating Officer Joe Lopez said he believes more people will sign-up once they are able to see inside the facility.

It will include a workout space, a child-watch space, weight lifting machines, and an area for physical therapy.

"We believe that when they come in to our facility, not only will we show them, but they will love our facility, they'll love our equipment, and they'll join," Lopez said.

Membership rates are $40 per month for a family, $30 per month for an adult or senior couple, and $20 a month for youth or seniors. Joint memberships with the Jefferson City Area YMCA are also available.

The Southern Boone YMCA Advisory Board received pledges and donations totaling over $578,000 for the facility.

Lopez also said there are currently no plans to expand yet, but there is a possibility of eventually adding a pool or basketball court.