Representative to file prescription monitoring bill

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JEFFERSON CITY - State Representative Holly Rehder launched a coalition Monday and outlined her plans to present a bill that addresses a prescription drug monitoring program (PDMP).

The PDMP Now Coalition is preparing to present the bill during the 2015 legislative session. PDMP Now Coalition members said prescription drug abuse is a public health issues which needs attention.

The program would allow pharmacies to share information and communicate across companies to decrease the rate of abuse. Pharmacists and physicians would be the only individuals with access to the program. The program would require law enforcement to request a warrant to obtain information.

Executive Director of American Academy of Pain Management Bob Twillman is a member of the coalition. 

He said people see the importance of implementing the program because officials and physicians have worked for years to pass this program.

"Prescription drug monitoring drug programs are really important in public health. They really help protect people who have chronic pain but also people who have the disease of addiction," Twillman said.

Twillman said the hurdles the supporters of this program continue to face are a result of political blockage.

"We've got 16 thousand people in the country every year who die of an overdose involving prescription drugs. This will go a long way in preventing those deaths," Twillman said.

Missouri is the only state without a prescription drug monitoring program.