Republican Senator Roy Blunt Votes Yes on Debt Bill

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COLUMBIA - Senator Roy Blunt was the lone Republican Missouri Congressional Delegate to vote yes to the budget deal that put the government back to work on Thursday morning.

All six Republican Representatives from Missouri voted no, while the two Democrats voted yes along with Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill.

Blunt supported his yes vote in a statement on his website.

"The federal government spends too much and borrows too much. Those must be the two main targets after today's vote and until we get our spending under control. Debate priorities, set priorities, and live within our means; that's what American families have to do and what our government must do," Blunt said.

Blunt's support of the bipartisan deal should not come as a complete surprise as he had been working to delay implementing the Affordable Care Act while keeping the government open up until September 30.

During the shutdown, Blunt re-stated on October 3, "Senate Republicans don't want a government shutdown."

Missouri 7th District Congressmen Billy Long did not support the increase of the debt limit because he it is not a solution to America's real problems.

Long also issued a statement on his website.

"Simply raising the debt limit is not the answer to fixing our nation's fiscal mess. We need to look at the drivers of our spending so vital programs will be available for today's seniors and for our children and grandchildren. Americans are demanding that our government has an open and honest conversation with them about addressing the drivers of our debt and spending."

Republicans and Democrats alike will have to work together to find a long term fiscal solution for the country and avoid the possibility of another shutdown.

The current budget deal is effective until January 15, 2014.