Republicans Pick Fourth Candidate for 47th District

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COLUMBIA- Republicans held a meeting for the third time on Thursday to fill the spot for Missouri's 47th House District candidate. In a unanimous vote, Republicans nominated Mitch Richards for candidacy after Mike Zweifel withdrew last Thursday.

Boone County Republican Chairman Bruce Cornett said that previous candidates, Mike Zweifel, Jennifer Bukowsky, Darrel Hansen, withdrew for personal reasons. He said running as a candidate is a huge time commitment.

"I was really difficult for them and their families that's why they decided not to do it because they couldn't give the full effort. It was good of them to make that decision. It was best for them and best for us," Cornett said.

"They have to make personal decision on whether or not they can give the attention that a campaign requires. Sometime it's a tremendous sacrifice when you have family and you're not high income. That often affects later what they think about it," Cornett said.

Cornett said he is confident about this nominee pick.

"He seems enthusiastic and committed to running the best campaign he can. And if you don't have enthusiasm and energy you're not likely to win," Cornett said.

Richards said he is not worried about dropping out of this race but what is more important is how he stands out against his opponent.

"I'm young, I'm consistent, I believe in this country. I've been involved in politics, I have a good record of consistency. I have the ability to reach both Republicans, Centrists, and even some Democrats. I think I'm very well positioned to have a very successful outcome come November," nominee Mitch Richards said.

Republicans questioned his views on a number of topics at the meeting. Richards said he opposes almost any tax increase, is an advocate against eminent domain abuse and believes in free market.

The deadline to file all paperwork for the Missouri House race is July 3. Richards said he plans to begin the tax portion of the paperwork on Friday, June 29 and file on Monday, July 2.