Reshipping scam could take advantage of work-from-home employees

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COLUMBIA - The Better Business Bureau, or BBB, is warning job seekers across the country to look out for package reshipping business Safe Delivery LLC

The BBB said it thinks Safe Delivery LLC is involved in a scam facilitating the shipment of items bought with stolen or forged credit cards.

Safe Delivery LLC claims to operate out of the St. Louis area, but the BBB said office building managers deny the company leases a building in that location. 

There is no evidence of mid-Missourians falling victim to this scam, but any person seeking virtual, or work-from-home, employment could be subjected to the scam.

One woman contacted the BBB and said she reshipped packages containing smartphones and other technology to various locations using postage-paid labels supplied by Safe Delivery. To date, the company has not paid her for her work. 

The U.S. Postal Inspection Service said job postings asking for merchandising managers or package processing assistants are often illegitimate businesses looking for help in moving items bought with stolen credit cards. 

Work-from-home employees doing reshipping work can face criminal charges if shipped materials are obtained illegally. 

The BBB suggests job hunters looking for work-from-home positions ask to speak with other employees who have done similar work, request detailed job descriptions, and inspect corporate headquarters to make sure the company is legitimate.