Residents Annoyed by New Meters on Paquin

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COLUMBIA - Residents of Paquin Street told KOMU 8 Friday the parking meters installed this week there are an unncessary inconvenience. "I was really pissed off that they were put here, this is a resident area," said Paquin Tower resident Charles Fair. "What if a person living in the towers has a day off and they park on this street? They have to keep feeding the meter or they get a ticket."

The parking meters were installed about a week shy of a parking rate increase effective July 1st. Downtown meters will increase from 30 cents to 60 cents an hour. To buy and install the meters, it cost $840 dollars. The meters could generate an annual revenue of $1,840.

Paquin Street visitors also expressed their frustration. "It's going to be more stressful, now I have to pay to see my brother," said Brandon Lynes, who visits his brother regularly at Paquin Tower. "It's enough that my brother has to pay rent to stay, he shouldn't have to pay to park."