Residents Approve of Parking by Permit Program

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COLUMBIA - Columbia residents were heavily in favor of the parking by permit only pilot project. People voiced their opinions at a meeting Wednesday night at city hall for the project. Overall, residents want to move forward with the pilot program.

Nina Wilson-Keenan said, "I love the North Village parking program, it's honestly, everything that's happened in our neighborhood the last two years has been the brightest spot and I think it definitely helps stabilization of the neighborhood. I think it makes it liveable for the home owners, renters and the small homes around our neighborhood."

One business owner is in favor of the program but wants to see improvements for local businesses.

Anne Churchill, owner of Annabelle Events in Columbia said, "The program seems like it's working out great for the residents, my only concern is as a business owner. There's a lot of open spots when those residents are at work and now we're there working 8-5 and we'd like to see something that benefits us."

If the pilot is a success and other residents are interested in the program, Columbia City Council should move forward with the program.