Residents are still left without power

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COLUMBIA - Carol and Norm Wieschhaus were outside cleaning their yard Tuesday morning. 

"I heard all the noise. I never thought of it. I got up and the wind was terrible. Even when I looked out here. I thought then it was raining. I thought it was too early for me to get up, so I just went back to bed," Carol Wieschhaus said. 

The couple worked on their yard, near Fairview, nearly two hours this morning, and their entire neighborhood is without power. 

Columbia Water and Light said it has crews working on utilities. 

"According to our linemen, it almost looked like a tornado bounced down Fairview," said Connie Kacprowicz of Columbia Water and Light. "Fairview is where our biggest problem is at the time. There were trees down on the line and six of our high transmission, high voltage transmission lines went down. So that's our biggest problem we're working on right now."

Kacprowicz said earlier this morning around 14,000 customers were without service, and as of midday only around 1,100 still need power. 

Kacprowicz said the city does not yet have an estimated time the power will be back on. 

For now, Columbia Water and Light advises taking food out from the fridge and placing perishable items on ice. Kacprowicz said more updates this afternoon and food safety tips.