Residents at Aspen Heights compain about rising utility bill

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COLUMBIA - January and February weather typically bring lower temperatures and higher electricity costs.

Residents of Aspen Heights are concerned with their January utility bill from the student housing complex. One student said he is used to paying high rates, but this month is the highest. 

"We weren't even here for half of it (January) and it was $260 a person," said Aspen Heights resident Nick Healy.

Another resident said he sets his thermostat to 60 degrees during the cold weather, and his bill is still too high. Reuben Terry said his four bedroom unit was occupied by two people over most of the January cycle. 

"I don't understand how our whole unit used up $500 worth of utilities," Terry said. 

Thursday, Aspen Heights management sent an email to residents after receiving calls from frustrated tenents. 

"We are aware that some of you have received a high utility bill for the billing period of December 14, 2016 through January 18, 2017," Aspen Heights management team said. "We are actively looking into these bills and will send out further communication regarding them as soon as possible."

The management team also provided residents with explanations for the unusually high bill. 

The Aspen Heights management team said, "The City also raised their prices across the board, again leading to increased bills for everyone in Columbia."

KOMU 8 News spoke with Connie Kacprowicz, the spokesperson for Columbia Water & Light, who said the city electricity rate increased back in October 2016.

Kacprowicz said high utilitiy costs have been an ongoing issue at the complex since it was built in 2013.

"We made suggestions to management on how the air was moved through the heating and cooling system," Kacprowicz said.

She said she has not heard if the complex decided to make those improvements. 

The management team decided to give renters $60 off of January's utility bill.