Residents Call Aspen Heights "Name Your Price" Deal Desperate

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COLUMBIA - Aspen Heights residents told KOMU 8 News Wednesday the company's latest promotional deal reeks of desperation.

Aspen Heights' website reads, "The Name Your Price Special is just what it sounds like - you name a price for your monthly rent, we tell you whether or not we'll accept the offer."

Aspen Heights residents said the "Name Your Price" move was made because of negative image issues.

"I've had people at work and professors talk about how bad Aspen is, and they don't, they're adults, and they don't even live here," resident Martha Holstein said. "Nobody really wants to be known as living at Aspen Heights. I mean I know I don't...I lock my doors."

One of the lowlights of Aspen Heights' first year in Columbia was a gunpoint robbery of two 21-year-old women last December. Residents said from a public image standpoint, the complex has never recovered from the issue.

"Well I know at the beginning of the year they had some security issues and it scared some people off because of that," Aspen Heights resident Lindsey Rumpsa said. "I know two houses down from mine got robbed at gunpoint, and I wasn't too happy about that."

Aside from security issues, Aspen Heights has also come under fire from residents for abnormally high utility bills and violating building codes.

KOMU 8 News called Aspen Heights after business hours Wednesday, but got no answer.