Residents Concerned About Landfill Road Conditions

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COLUMBIA - The Columbia Sanitary Landfill could see some road improvements in the near future. 

KOMU 8 received word Thursday of a more than 5-foot pothole on the road leading to the landfill causing concern among Columbia residents.

The pothole is on the road right before the weighing station that all vehicles wanting to get rid of their trash use.

Columbia Public Works said other parts of the road have been repaired over the past few years but parts of the road have experienced wear and tear. 

"The heavy weight of the trucks that run on the road makes a big difference. If you have 400 different vehicles coming through the gate and going up over the scales every day, it weighs heavy on that road," Landfill and Recovery Superintendant Nicholas Paul said 

Columbia Public Works is aware of the pothole problem and is working to get it fixed. 

"We're in the works of trying to get it fixed. What has to happen to repair the road is it's got to go out for bid. It's going to be a long process. What we're currently looking at doing is doing a patch to fix it up to make it better for trucks that are in and out," Paul said.

Next, officials will have concrete and asphalt specialist send out bids to construction companies and get prices back on how much it would take to repair the pothole.

Public Works has construction money that could go towards pothole repair but it would have to wait to see how much it will end up costing to figure out if that money would cover the project.