Residents Discuss Street Improvements

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COLUMBIA - Only a handful of citizens gathered at the Activity and Recreation Center for the Fourth Ward Street Improvements Town Hall Meeting. 

Residents discussed what streets they think need to be fixed.  

The City of Columbia estimates that it will have between $200,000 and $300,000 left over from its snow removal budget.

"So we're just trying to get a gauge from the citizens of what they would like the money spent on or just save it, what they would actually like to do with it, so we're just getting input from the citizens," Public Works Director John Glascock said.

 In a 2011 survey Columbia residents stated that they were least satisfied with Columbia's streets.  

"There was a survey done in 2011 after a major snowstorm. We had a lot of potholes. The problem that they said was the condition of the streets. They wanted us to work on that," Glascock said.

The meeting was the third of a series of five meetings to discuss how to spend the money.