Residents Frustrated After Aspen Heights Town Hall Meeting

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COLUMBIA - At a town hall meeting designed to promote communication between management and residents, Aspen Heights residents had plenty of complaints.

This comes just two days after police had to be called to an Aspen Heights town hall meeting in Tennessee.

Resident Alex Thornton was at the meeting and said the atmosphere was tense. Students were talking over each other and becoming very frustrated.

"Everybody came with questions," Thornton said. "People were very direct and forward with him. People were defending the side of Aspen Heights and people were being very offensive, also."

Residents wanted answer to questions about high utility bills, frigid concrete floors and security.

Stuart Watkins, director of public relations, and Tyler Yates, Aspen Heights General Manager, both told KOMU 8 News that we would be allowed to attend the meeting, but that quickly changed when we arrived at the front desk to check in.

The staff called Watkins for clarification, and Watkins said he was sorry and meant to call we still could not attend the meeting. When asked why, Watkins said he reviewed company policy and only residents and guarantors are allowed to attend town hall meetings.

When asked to provide documentation of the policy, Watkins would only respond, "Thank you, Emily." KOMU 8 News reached out to Shelli Cusack,Vice President of Asset Management and Operations, for more information on the policy, but she has not responded.