Residents Frustrated by Lack of Parking Near Brookside on College Apartments

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COLUMBIA - Residents on the streets surrounding the Brookside on College apartment complex say they are at their wits' end trying to accommodate too many parkers with not enough parking spots.

Those on nearby streets like Melbourne, Ash, and Windsor have found an influx of Brookside residents taking up more parking spots than before the complex existed. One resident said the parking issue is forcing people to move elsewhere.

""We knew the people who lived here before and the reason they moved away is because of Brookside," said Nicholas Pretnar, a resident of Melbourne Street. "So I've only lived here as long as that place has been open, but the reason they moved is because parking started to get really bad very suddenly."

In addition, Pretnar said some people are parking illegally in front of fire hydrants and other no-parking areas, creating safety hazards.

"I counted last night, both fire hydrants on this block were blocked and I counted five or six cars that were parked in yellow zones, no parking here to corner, parked right in front of stop signs," said Pretnar. "Or partially blocking driveways. Just things that make make the neighborhood difficult to access, difficult to get around in."

Nearby residents are not the only ones affected. Annie Perry from Doug Perry towing said the Boone County Family Resources office has reported people parked in its private lot and called to have vehicles towed.

"We get a few calls a week. There's just not enough parking for the people that are living in the Brookside, said Perry.

"Everyone who lives in this neighborhood is fed up about the amount of vehicles that are on the street," said Pretnar.

Brookside residents are also unhappy with the parking situation. Resident Abby Miller said she completely understands the frustration coming from those living in houses near Brookside.

"I completely understand their frustration, we're going through kind of the same thing," Miller said. "I would obviously partially blame Brookside because they knew how many apartments they were putting up and most of us have cars. And, a lot of people can't afford $50 a month every month just for their car when you're already paying over $700 to live here."

Brookside is building an on-site garage for its residents, which is still under construction. Brookside officials said the garage will have four floors of parking.

The city is building the Short Street parking garage near the site. It will have 423 spaces and is projected to be completed by August of this year.