Residents Get the Chance to Try Out Roll Carts

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COLUMBIA - With a roll cart pilot program approved by the City Council Monday night, residents will have the opportunity to decide if this new way of trash collection is something they want to make permanent. 

The program specifics have not been finalized, but currently the pilot program will include 100 residents from each ward who will try using the roll carts for six months.  Columbia resident Mary Wozny is one of the 107 people who have volunteered for the trial run so far.  

"I live out in Parkade and I'm older and I live on a hill, so I thought I need to go volunteer for the pilot program so I can give an unbiased opinion to see how it's going to work for everybody.  I'm willing to try that out," said Wozny.

Safety was a big concern for Public Works Director John Glascock, who mentioned the dangers that come with the job at the City Council meeting on Monday.  And some residents think the trash cans could help lessen the amount of employees exposed to those dangers.

"It reduces the number of employees that have to be in each vehicle... it's essentially just the driver.  I think it's a good idea," said Columbia resident Akira Yasuda.

But for some residents, it comes down to the cost.

"If it saves us money, that would be fine but I think the current system from my perspective works fine," said Christopher Bottoms.

Volunteers could start using the experimental roll carts in January.

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