Residents look to recall Columbia City Council member

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COLUMBIA - A petition to recall First Ward Councilwoman Ginny Chadwick was submitted Monday after months of disagreement between her and several first ward residents.

The movement to recall Chadwick picked up steam after she voted against Columbia's proposed marijuana cultivation and decriminalization amendment in October. 

But several members who submitted the petition say it isn't one vote that spurred a recall effort. Several first ward residents said they are also unhappy with Chadwick's support of the Opus development and her proposal to ban alcohol consumption in Douglass Park.

Chadwick has been in office since April. A council member has to be in office six months before a recall effort is allowed. In October, Chadwick told KOMU 8 that she wasn't surprised to hear about a recall petition and said she understands her votes won't make everyone happy.

A Columbia City Council first ward representative facing recall isn't new. This is the third attempted recall effort in recent years.

One supporter of the petition, Pam Cooper, said Chadwick changed her position on many key issues, turning many who were in favor of her against her.

"She had kind of made this promise, people were lead to believe that she was gonna go one way and in fact she went another," Cooper said.

Several citizens' groups have circulated the petition which got 451 signatures. If 249 of those signatures are from registered first ward voters, then the petition will move on to the Columbia City Council.

If the council acknowledges the petition as valid, first ward residents will have the chance to vote for Chadwick's recall early next year, likely on Columbia's April 2015 ballot.