Residents May Move Depending on CPS Lines

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COLUMBIA - The boundary scenarios that Columbia Public Schools is discussing affect residents in many different ways. It all depends on where you live in the city. Residents who especially care about what happens with the boundary scenarios are ones just northwest of Stadium Boulevard and 63 Highway.

"You can't control where people live," CPS Redistricting Chair Don Ludwig said. "But you can control growth, or you can anticipate growth."

KOMU talked to residents in the newly built Stratford Chase neighborhood on Stratford Chase Parkway. The neighborhood is just off Audubon Drive on the east side of town. The Swearingen family recently moved into the neighborhood from the Chicago suburbs, but they could be moving again.

"It's bad enough being the new one at school and being the littlest in middle school," fifth grader Alyvia Swearingen said. "Not having any friends would just be really bad."

Swearingen is worried she'll have to find new friends if the district selects High School Scenario A or C. Swearingen's mother has already told the family they're likely to move if one of these two scenarios is approved. In these two scenarios, the area just northwest of Stadium Boulevard and 63 Highway moves to new Battle High School. In High School Scenario B, this area remains in Rock Bridge.

"Really devastated because I love this place," Swearingen said in response to how devastated she'd be if her family moved. "Since we moved from Illinois, I miss my friends so much from back there that it'd be really hard to move again."

CPS will choose two of the three intermediate scenarios and two of the high school scenarios by the end of November. The board is supposed to then vote for one high school and one intermediate scenario by February of next year.