Residents React to Redistricting Plans

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COLUMBIA - The first of eight open forums was held Tuesday night to get community feed back on the final three options for Columbia Public School District's re-districting plans.

The district began with 124 options and has whittled it down to the three, now its asking which one the community thinks is the best approach. Many of the seats were filled at the meeting and parents and community members listened intently and took notes as the presentation was given.

Community members were mainly concerned with three things-

  • the diversity of the new high schools, including race and socioeconomic levels
  • the length of time it takes for students to be bussed to and from school
  • the increase of enrollment that Hickman High School would see if officials were to choose Approach A.

One parent told KOMU 8 News that if the district is so concerned with closing the acheivement gap, it doesn't make sense to increase the number of students so that teachers now have more children in their classrooms.

There will be seven more forums throughout the rest of the year including one Thursday at Rock Bridge High School. You can take a closer look at the three approaches at the Columbia Public School's website.