Residents Respond to House Fire

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LAKE OZARK - Four residents of Cherokee Ridge Apartments came back Monday to see the damage after a Sunday fire that destroyed the building. Two residents appeared to have lost everything. The other two residents were able to go inside their apartment through a ground-level window and retrieve some items. However, they said their flat screen TV was stolen.

"I just thank God, and I love him. Because I know that if you're close to God, he watches over you and your family," said Mealisa Dodson, whose brother and sister-in-law lived in the apartment.

A representative from Pressley Property Management was at the scene. He refused to comment on the state of the building and what the owner plans to do. Another representative told KOMU she does not know the extent of the damage or the cause, and has yet to speak to the insurance adjuster or the owner.

The apartment building had 10 units, eight of which were occupied at the time. No one was injured in Sunday's fire.

Nearby buildings appeared unharmed when KOMU went to the scene Monday morning.

"It's one of those things that you hear about but never see, and then when you actually see it, you're like, 'wow...that could have been me,'" said JD Crower, a resident in the neighboring building.

Mark Amsinger, Fire Chief of the Lake Ozark Fire District, reported to KOMU it took about two hours and 45 fire fighters to get the fire controlled.

YouTube video courtesy of Shawn Kober, LOTO YouTube Channel