Residents speak out about violence west of Jefferson City

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JEFFERSON CITY - Local residents living on the western side of Jefferson City have reported an increase in violence and drug activity.

One resident, Angela Whitman, said she has noticed it's gotten worse in the seven months since she moved into the area. She sent KOMU 8 News a video of a fight scene, saying police did nothing to step in.


"One of my neighbors had called 9-1-1, and you can clearly hear her talking to the 9-1-1 operator and in the video you can clearly see where the police was just riding by, like they didn't intervene, they just didn't stop it," she said.

Whitman said she was unhappy with the response of local law enforcement when the activity peaked a month and a half ago.

"This is not just one person fighting one person, this may be multiple people fighting one person or multiple people fighting multiple people," she said.

KOMU 8 News talked to Cpt. Robert Clark from the Jefferson City Police Department, who said he's aware of the activity.

"I'm talking to some of the people in that area that live over on Elizabeth Street. We are aware of their concerns and we address them with our community action team, which is their primary area that they patrol," he said. "We're aware of the issues and we address them with our narcotics officers."

Residents said they want more attention in the area.

"If this is about safety, if this is about being a community, we have children over here, I need somebody else to get involved," Whitman said.

Clark said the department is doing their best to address the issue, but requested residents call to report the incident immediately after it happens.

"When you see something in your neighborhood or in your area , you have to call us right then and there for us to be able to take some action," he said.

Clark said to report any suspicious activity to the Jefferson City Police Department.