Residents Worry That Flouride in Local Water May Cause Health Problems

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COLUMBIA- Fluoride was on top of the agenda at Monday's night city council meeting. Some residents are concerned that people are consuming too much fluoride because of the amount of water they are drinking and this could cause serious health issues.

Resident Bruce Summers, said that too much fluoride can cause osteoporosis and if people want flouride they should go to their doctors for prescription. He also said that water should not be a main source for medication.

One O'Fallon, Missouri resident came to the city council meeting to speak about getting rid of flouride in water. Just two years ago, he helped get flouride out of water in O'Fallon. He said through research, he learned that too much flouride can link to cancer.  It could also lead to death or amputations and decrease in IQ.

Brent Stafford learned he had cancer 30 years ago.  He said when he started doing research about flouride in water, he learned that an excessive amount could have led to his cancer called "osteosarcoma". He says he doesn't know for sure if that was the case, but the two incidents are correlated.

Summers hopes that the city council will take an initiave to decide whether to take this plan into action in about the next two months.