Resignation Causes School Officials to Look for New Assistant Superintendent

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ASHLAND - Accusations against Superintendent Charlotte Miller have Southern Boone County school board members searching for a new principal.

Middle school principal and assistant superintendent Carolyn Deffenbaugh resigned in June with a seven-page letter outlining accusations against Miller. The Southern Boone County School Board President Ellen Kesterson said although the investigation is moving quickly, the board members are still keeping education the focus.

"We're glad the process is moving as quickly, but as thoroughly as possible and really we're about the education of our kids and giving them that great education," Kesterson said. "So we're trying to focus on the 2012-13 school year while the investigation is going on and trying to balance both of those the best way we can."

Kesterson said the board is currently trying to form an outside committee to look into the allegations. The board asked former Jefferson City Public Schools Superintendent Burt Kimble to head the outside committee. Kimble said he hasn't heard anything about the case and is currently out of town, so he will have no preconceived notions regarding the allegations.

"I indicated I would be agreeable to do that because I have not followed the story or any of the allegations," Kimble said. "I am obviously honored that I was thought of to head up anything like this."

During the board meeting early Monday, the board announced it would begin the process of hiring a new assistant superintendent.