Resources Available to Escape Heat

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COLUMBIA- With summer on its way and spring in full swing, Columbia is already getting record breaking temperatures. On May 10, 1928, the city broke a record high of 91 degrees. The National Weather Service is predicting a high of 92 degrees.

With temperatures this high in the beginning of May, the Columbia Health Department is encouraging residents to be safe. Genalee Alexander of the Columbia Health Department has three tips if you plan on being outside for long periods of time.

First, drink plenty of water. Fluids help you sweat which is your body's way of cooling off.

Second, wear light colored clothing. Dark colors attract heat and light colors repel it.

Third, take frequent breaks. Over exposure to heat causes heat related illnesses such as sunstroke, heat collapse, heat cramps, and heat exhaustion. One of the ways you can get out of the sun is by using a cooling center.

Cooling centers are public places around the city where patrons can come inside, sit in air conditioning and take a break from the heat. Columbia has 8 centers.

Columbia Cooling Centers:

ARC, 1707 W. Ash St., Red Bus Line
Armory Sports and Community Center, 701 E. Ash, Blue Bus Line
Columbia Public Library, 100 W. Broadway, Red Bus Line
Columbia Mall, 2300 Bernadette Dr., Green and Blue Bus Lines
Columbia/Boone County Health Dept., 1005 W. Worley, Green Bus Line
Columbia Parks and Recreation Office, 601 Business Loop 70, Blue Bus Line
Oakland Senior Center, 1301 Vandiver Dr. Ste. Q, Orange Bus Line
Paquin Towers, 1201 Paquin Street, Red Bus Line