Restaurant, nutritionist share insight ahead of Super Bowl Sunday

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COLUMBIA – This Super Bowl means people across the country will be eating more than normal, and one nutritionist says it's OK to splurge for the big game.

“Super Bowl is considered our busiest day of the year,” said Dawn Sanders, a manager at Buffalo Wild Wings. “They sell billions of wings on Super Bowl.”

She said the chain uses coupons and deals to keep bringing customers back after the Super Bowl is over. 

Although restaurants benefit from this huge food consumption, Americans might not.

The Calorie Control Council estimates the average American eats about 2,400 calories worth of snacks just during the Super Bowl party. That’s three to four hours out of the day, when for an entire day, experts say the average person should really only eat around 2,000 calories.

“A lot of people just order an abundance of food because they’re sitting there for the entire game. So a lot of times, we’ll see big parties come in. They’ll order just several tons of wings that everybody can just kind of dish out,” Sanders said. 

Matt Rogers, a local nutritionist, said to not worry about it. He said if people normally eat healthy, the splurge will not have a big effect. 

“It doesn’t just magically store 3 pounds of body fat,” Rogers said. “One splurge won’t make a difference on an otherwise healthy lifestyle.” 

For those who normally have an unhealthy diet, this would just compound the problem. Rogers said people would just be “adding to the size of the snowball.”

If people see a weight increase, Rogers said that’s normal because people can retain more water. He said waist weight could increase 10 to 12 hours after the event. 

“Anything you consume has weight. Two thousand plus calories of chips and burgers, all of those things carry weight. If you see a several pound increase, it doesn’t mean your body has stored that fat,” Rogers said.