Restaurant owner donates hundreds of free meals to flood volunteers, victims

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BRUNSWICK - As the city continues relief efforts after this spring's flooding, one restaurant owner is taking it upon herself to serve her community. 

Sherry Hamilton has owned Sherry's Restaurant on Highway 24 in Brunswick for nearly 30 years. When the nearby Grand River began threatening the town with floodwaters last month, Hamilton knew she had to "keep cooking." 

"Because I knew these people needed to eat," Hamilton said. "And I knew I was gonna stay here for 'em. And that's just the way it is."

Alongside her chef, Marie Davis, Hamilton prepared over 1,000 free meals for volunteers, first responders and flood victims.

"I love this town," Hamilton said. "I'm always here for everybody and when we're closed, if somebody needs food--we're gonna serve them." 

This isn't the first time Hamilton has handed out meals to people affected by flooding. She did the same thing when floodwaters overtook the town during the Flood of '93. 

"I thought it never would get me," Hamilton said. "Because it didn't in '93 and it didn't this time."

Hamilton said she knows flooding is no joke, but she felt like she had a higher calling to keep her kitchen open. 

"The good Lord's put me here for some reason," Hamilton said. "I just don't get all stressed out over flooding. I probably should, but I don't." 

When it comes to funding all the free meals, Hamilton said she can do it through, "the grace of God." 

"We've made it," Hamilton said, "I even had a few people send me a donation."

Hamilton said she doesn't deserve to be recognized for her work, that she just does it because she believes it's what's right. She also said she's not the only one who's given back. 

"We got a lot of people who have really pulled for us," Hamilton said. "And I feel like they're gonna stay pulling for me now. I've gotten cards in the mail, things on Facebook." 

While Sherry's restaurant has taken on a different role in the community during these hard times, it usually serves as a place for residents to relax and enjoy small town life.

"Everybody knows that they can come here and not just have good food, but we have a good time and everybody laughs," Davis said. 

Both Hamilton and Davis said they don't plan on slowing down anytime soon, and they'll be ready to help the next time someone in their community is in need. 

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