Retry: 18 Month Old

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MARSHALL - An autopsy of the 18-month old who was found dead early Sunday was performed Monday afternoon. The Saline County Sheriff Wally George also released the name of the mother, Lydia Iliff.

George is waiting to release the autopsy results until his department can talk to Iliff when she is released from the hospital.

Volunteer search crews found the child dead Sunday along the Blackwater River shoreline after Iliff reported her missing Saturday night, saying she may have left her by a "creek bed." George immediately sent a call for volunteers via the local radio station KMMO and within an hour had 44 people looking for the girl. George even had a local air evacuation team fly over the area that Iliff was last seen.

George said Iliff ran away in a stolen vehicle which was found abandoned in a wheat field near County Road 105 and Highway K, just south of I-70. George said the child's belongings were still in the vehicle but there were no signs of her or Iliff at that scene. George said Iliff stole the vehicle from a shop area. George said the Chevy truck was found without brakes.

George said Iliff's boyfriend also reported that Iliff is on medication and did not take it Thursday when she and the child went missing. The boyfriend said without the medication, Iliff could be confused and disoriented.

Results of the autopsy should be released in the next two or three days.  While there is no confirmation yet Iliff played a part in the child's death, George said she is the only suspect.