Rifle Drill Team Performs for 9/11 Commencement Ceremony

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COLUMBIA - A patriot barbecue took place at the MU Francis Quadrangle Wednesday evening to remember and honor the nearly 3,000 people who died on September 11, 2001.

Chancellor Brady Deaton invited MU faculty, staff and student military veterans and their immediate family members in honor of their service to our country.Various attractions were available at the commencement, along with the MU ROTC Joint Pershing Rifles Drill Team.

The Rifle Team performed an event that had never been shown to the public, and members of the group said it is something they have always dreamed of.

"I love this," Dale Hamilton, Drill Team Commander said. "This is what I live for, just to be able to do this. This is my dream right here. I'm living the dream."

All members of the team said an event like this is important to help the community never forget what happened on September 11th and also a way to show they care.

"We can't forget," Daniel Gerardo, Cadet of the Pershing Rifle Team said. "If we forget, then we forget our identity as a country."

The Drill Team performed for around ten minutes, and said they are honored to perform on such a special day.

"It just makes me feel really proud," Hamilton said. "I love that I could do just a little to make some other people feel happy for a bit, and just to perform for others is just an awesome feeling."