Rifle Sighting Event Prepares Hunters for Deer Season

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RUSSELLVILLE - The Missouri Department of Conservation kicked off deer hunting season with a rifle sighting event Saturday morning.

MDC officials helped hunters align the sights on their rifles with the barrel to ensure accurate shooting.

"We want to make sure their rifles are sighted in because Saturday, a week from today, is the opening of the fall firearms deer season," MDC outdoor skills specialist Brian Flowers said.

Flowers said it's a common mistake for hunters' rifles to not be correctly sighted in.

"Sometimes a shooter shows up and maybe the rifle is not sighted in, so it's not even able to hit the paper," Flowers said. "Once we get it on the paper, then we can narrow it down so that it's a small group or tight group to make an accurate shot when they're hunting."

Flowers also said MDC's main goal is to keep people safe and informed when using firearms.

"We always encourage folks to always point the muzzle in a safe direction any time they handle firearms," Flowers said. "Keep the finger off of the trigger and always make sure that the shot is a clear shot to the target."