Right-to-Work Vote in the House

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JEFFERSON CITY - Breaking political tradition, Gov. Eric Greitens did not present a proposed budget for the upcoming fiscal year when he delivered his State of the State address. 

Rep. Clem Smith (D-Velda Village Hills) said he was surprised when Greitens did not present the budget.

"I kind of thought they were joking when they said there wasn't any concrete details about the budget," he said.

With Greitens' recent cuts to higher education, Smith said he needs to see a solid course of action.  

"We've got a big hole in our budget that needs to be filled, and we have to have specifics in order to plan."

Smith said budget cuts will impact certain Missouri residents.

"Anyone who gets state money, social services, they're going need to see this budget to see what would be on the table, what they'll have to cut, because there will be cuts in the state unfortunately," he said.

Unlike Smith, Rep. Curtis Trent (R-Springfield) said he anticipated a delay in the budget and does not consider the delay as 'negative.'

"I think the governor is taking his time to make sure he gets it right, has a very comprehensive proposal and one that deals with the shortfalls that we're experiencing in the state right now in terms of revenue," Trent said. 

He said Greitens' speech was very substantive. 

"I was very encouraged by the wide variety of issues that he covered and how those sort of issues tied together toward economic reform and government reform," Trent said.

In his speech, Greitens focused on job creation, specifically though Right-to-Work legislation.

Wednesday afternoon, the House voted 'yes' to Right-To-Work in the first-round of approval, 101-58.