Ripple of resignations leaves MU\'s students association in limbo

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COLUMBIA - The Missouri Students Association confirmed the resignation of its president and vice president, Haden Gomez and Chris Hanner, on Thursday.

The former campaign manager for Gomez and Hanner, Natalie Edelstein, released to the student senate screenshots from a series of group messages the campaign members had participated in. The messages showed unspecified comments about the Concerned Student 1950 protests, as well as the intent to pay Pocket Points in exchange for endorsements.

After the messages were shown, there was an extended Operations Committee meeting on Tuesday evening. On Wednesday, Gomez resigned stating that he is a person and wishes the issue had been shown more respect. Hanner, who was to be inaugurated as vice president, was sworn in as MSA president following Gomez's resgination. Hanner appointed Payton Head, who had been president during the previous term, as vice president.

Shortly after this decision Hanner aslo resigned, and Head was sworn in as interm MSA president. Head appointed Bill Vega, former MSA budget chairman, as his vice president.

Both Head and Vega were quoted as being hesitant to take up the positions, but they both wanted to help build success for MU in any way they could.

The student association released a statement saying there will be a special election some time in the near future during which a new MSA president and vice president will be selected. Jordan McFarland, who ran in the last election, released a statement on Thursday morning stating he will run for president.

(Editor's note: Natalie Edelstein works for KOMU 8 News. She was not involved in the reporting of this story.)