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COLUMBIA - With the 4th of July on Tuesday, Missourians are stocking up on fireworks in preparation for the holiday. For many this is an exciting time of year.  However, for fireworks retailers across Missouri, it is the most hectic time of the year.  

Fireworks sales is a very seasonal business.  The two weeks leading up to Independence Day means two weeks of non-stop action for fireworks retailers.  Spirit of '76 Marketing Director James Rhinehart said the weeks leading up to the 4th are similar to another holiday.

"This is just our busy time of year," he said. "Everyone wants their fireworks now, just like everyone wants their Halloween costume the week leading up to Halloween. Everyone right around the 1st starts thinking about the 4th," Rhinehart said.

In the month of June alone, Spirit of '76 produced 70 percent of its annual revenue.  

"This time of year it's a lot of long hours," Rhinehart said. "Our warehouse workers come really early in the morning and really late at night to help fill all of our orders," he said.

 The warehouse workers are responsible for filling most of the orders.

"They’re pulling cases all day long, pickups, trailers, trucks of all kinds, doing their best to get them to stores and tents around the state in time for the 4th," Rhinehart said.

One warehouse worker, Scott Cockrell, said he enjoys his job, although it may be difficult.

"It's not an easy job, but it's worth it in the end," Cockrell said. "It's really nice to go out on the 4th and just watch the fireworks knowing that I did a little bit to help make that happen."

Spirit of '76 will be open everyday leading up to the 4th as well as on the holiday itself before taking a company wide off day on Wednesday, July 5th.