Road conditions cause challenges for drivers

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COLUMBIA - Road conditions late Sunday night and early Monday morning caused Columbia Public Schools to close Monday and make conditions challenging for drivers.

MoDOT Maintenance Superintendent Mike Belt said the conditions started to worsen Sunday afternoon.

"Yesterday, as the cold front came through, the temperatures dropped pretty rapidly and that caused the rain to change over to snow and ice and it was a pretty rapid deceleration of conditions on the pavement," Belt said.

He also said MoDOT spent all Sunday evening and early Monday morning making sure roads were taken care of and conditions were made better for drivers.

"We're still working on our minor roads to apply chemicals and try to treat them as necessary to go ahead and get the ice and snow to break off then throughout the day," Belt said.

Belt said drivers should continue to pay attention to road conditions.

"We would encourage drivers to watch for refreeze conditions...we do continue to have crews throughout the day today just continuing to treat those places that tend to refreeze with cold temperatures," Belt said.

To look at current road conditions, check out MoDOT's website