Road Conditions Improving

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COLUMBIA - Road conditions on Columbia streets continue to improve Thursday as crews work to clear the streets of snow. 

Most of the major roadways in Columbia have been plowed, but crews are still working on some residential areas.

Thursday will bring more traffic to the streets as many go back to school and work since the snowfall hit. It is the first day back for the city of Columbia's offices. The University of Missouri will also begin classes again after classes were canceled for the past two days because of the snow. 

Some streets may have been plowed, but may have accumulated more snow on them because of wind drifts. 

The City is using crews from from Parks and Recreation, Water and Light, Parking Utilities, Sewer Utilities, and Solid Waste in order to get streets clear as soon as possible.

For a map of the progress of snow removal on city residential roads visit the city's website.