Road Construction to Close Lanes

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COLUMBIA - Trittenbach Construction and the City of Columbia began construction Monday near downtown Columbia.  The goal is to improve storm sewers and add a left turn lane for east-bound Walnut Street traffic at College Avenue.

South-bound College Avenue near Walnut street will be down to a single lane.  Also, Walnut Street between Hubble and College Avenue will be closed.  Both north-bound lanes on College Avenue will remain open on Monday and Tuesday.

Starting Wednesday, both south-bound lanes will be closed. North-bound traffic will reduce to a single lane and one north-bound lane will be used for south-bound traffic.

Commuter Kimberly Tegerdine said, "As long as in the long-run, it makes the roadways and everything better, I don't mind the short term inconvenience."

The entire project is scheduled to be done by Friday, August 24.