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COLUMBIA — The Boone County Office of Emergency Management has reported numerous road closures due to flooding Saturday. 

  • Brown School Road at Providence Road
  • Route Z at Route FF
  • 6300 block of Hwy 40 W
  • Oneal Road at Wilcox Road
  • Route Y near Bob Veach Road
  • Creasy Springs Road at Bear Creek
  • Hwy 124 N between Lake San Lynn and Little Creek Road
  • Strawn Road at Worley Street
  • Gillespie Bridge Road at Mesa Drive
  • 4800 block of Old Mill Creek Road S 
  • Old 63 N near Business Loop 70 E
  • Sinclair Road at Mill Creek
  • 3500 Block of New Haven Road
  • US 63 Southbound at Prathersville
  • US 63 S Northbound at Angel Lane
  • Northland at Blue Ridge
  • Hill Creek Road at Buffalo Ridge
  • Crump Lane at Martin Lane
  • Robbie Forbis Road at Hunters Bend Road
  • 12000 Block I-70 Drive Northeast E
  • Highway WW at Cedar Creek
  • Route E at Twin Bridges
  • Creasy Springs Road near Bear Creek Trail
  • Andrew Sapp Road S near Nashville Church Road E
  • Barnes School Road N near Winn Road
  • Low Crossing Road between Route B and Hecht Road
  • Old Number 7 between Dripping Springs and Highway 124
  • Highway AB E near Rangeline Road S


Traffic on main Missouri roads has still be very busy throughout the day, despite the conditions.

Many back roads have ditches on both sides to prevent flooding, but after 12-hours of non-stop rain, many of the ditches are overflown. 

Do not pass cars going full speed on side roads, as the splash from the water can harm driver vision.

Hydroplaning is a serious issue when making turns and stops off main roads and has resulted in numerous crashes throughout the area.

Proceed with caution when passing any vehichles, both on and off the road, as a lack of driver vision in rainy weather is often a main cause of crashes on main roads.

If a flash flood warning is issued, the Boone County Office of Emergency Management recommends going to high ground immediately and leaving your vehicle if stuck in rising water.

Stay tuned to and KOMU 8 News at 6, 9 and 10 for the latest weather reports, viewer pictures and road closures.

[Editor's note: This story has been updated to include the most recent closures.]