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KANSAS CITY - A national group representing road contractors and other transportation businesses said Thursday Missouri's transportation funding is reaching low "crisis" levels.

The group released a published report on the state of Missouri's roads and bridges, finding underfunding transportation projects costs Missouri drivers $4.4 billion annually in the form of traffic crashes and vehicle operating costs in lost time and wasted fuel.

The report also found that Missouri's rural roads have a traffic fatality rate that is more than double that on all other roads in the state. But according to MoDOT, fatalities due to crossing the center line or running off the road have decreased by 40 percent since 2005, due in part to installing more rumble stripes -- most of them on rural roads.

"All that momentum could be lost if we don't secure more funding for MoDOT. The funding for our roads has dropped by half," said Stephen Miller, a Missouri Highway and Transportation Commissioner. "That's not hypothetical. We will barely be able to maintain our roads, let alone build improvements for the future."